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A Stylish Cake Stand Brings Elegance To Your Table

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A Crystal Cake Stand Is A Thing Of Beauty


It is hard to imaging anything which conjures up images of a more elegant bygone age than a beautifully crafted crystal cake stand. Pieces like the Kensington cake dome pictured below are intricately etched and catch the light from every angle.


crystal cake stand



This is an outstanding piece which as you might expect is fairly expensive with a retail price of around $178. However at the time of writing Amazon are offering discounts of around 50% on this item, depending upon which supplier you order with. How long the discounts will last is impossible to say - Amazon prices to tend to change frequently. You can check this discount by clicking on the button below.



And here is another beautifully made example - its a crystal cake plate made by the well known Godinger.



Crystal Plate Style Cake Stand Crystal cake plate



This is the Freedom footed crystal stand from Godinger. It is ten inches square so large enough to show off a celebration cake. This is a heavy stand weighing around ten pounds. It can be complemented with other items from the extensive Godinger range which includes a stunning set of crystal dessert plates with forkswhich are perfect for serving cake.

If you really want to wow your dinner guests and create a little elegance then the 5 light crystal candelabras certain to impress.

Of course this cake stand would fit in quite nicely with just about any range of crystal.



crystal cake stand

Marquis by Waterford Vintage Garden Crystal Cake Plate


This Vintage Garden cake plate by Waterford Crystal is ideal for outdoor dining when you want something a little more stylish than melamine plates and a plastic tablecloth! Having said that this piece would look fabulous in any setting. There are lots of other pieces in the Vintage Garden range to add to your collection. Measures 12 inches in diameter and the pedestal is 4 inches tall.



waterford ballet crystal cake plate


Simplicity is often the height of elegance and nowhere is this more true than in the Waterford Crystal Ballet Icing footed cake plate pictured above. The delicate pattern is based on the craft of the master cake decorator forming circular spirals on crystal. Measures 12" diameter.


waterford twelve days of christmas


Now this is something really special. It is called  the Twelve days of Christmas and is made by Waterford. If you have a soft spot for crystal, and in particular Waterford Crystal, you are likely to fall in love with this piece.

The bad news is that this is a limited edition collectors piece and will set you back a small fortune! This list price for this is about $4,000 although Amazon currently sell it for substantially less. Clicking on the picture will take you to the latest price.

A piece of crystal like this is something you will want to use yourself, but also something most people would hope to hand down to future generations of the family. As such although undoubtedly very expensive it can be a good investment.

Made in Ireland the set includes the Waterford Lismore 14" cake knife. A care card is enclosed with the product to help you keep it in pristine condition. Measures 16" in diameter and is 8" tall. Introduced Spring 2008.



Crystal Cake Dome

cake dome



The cake dome has been very popular over many years and shows no sign of losing its appeal. They are now available in an almost endless range of different styles from the classic to the ultra modern and funky.

A crystal cake dome is the most traditional and is still well loved. The Dresden cake dome pictured above is a fine example of the traditional intricate crystal style.

anchor hocking crystal cake dome



The anchor Hocking Cake Dome is a far simpler design but nevertheless has enough style and elegance for any setting. The manufacturer states that it is dishwasher safe but I think most people would feel a bit less nervous hand washing it!

This is just a small selection from what is available. If you are looking to add a crystal cake stand to your collection you should have no trouble finding something you will love.


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