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Create Any Style With A Cupcake Stand


One of the newest styles of cake stand is the cupcake stand. They have become very fashionable lately and really do make a wonderful display for any type of occasion. There is a seemingly endless variety available including a very popular range by Wilton. Anchor Hocking also do some very nice designs.



witon cupcake stand



Pictured above is a simple wire model made by Wilton which will hold 13 cupcakes. This stand is also available in larger sizes to hold 24 or even 38. Great for small gatherings or large parties.


Cupcakes Stands For Weddings

Many couples are now choosing to have an elegant arrangement of cupcakes at their wedding reception rather than a large wedding cake. These are often set out on a special tiered stand in the style of a traditional wedding cake. Others choose to have the best of both worlds and have a combination of both large cake and cupcakes.

Cupcakes can be iced and decorated in various ways - either the traditional white or perhaps to match the bridal flowers or bridesmaids dresses. This gives the bride and groom limitless possibilities for making their cakes unique.


The Ideal Cake Stand For Parties And Special Occasions

If you are having a large gathering then a cupcakes may be a more convenient way to serve cake to your guests. Many people are reluctant to cut themselves a slice of cake but will happily pick up an individual sized cake.

Cupcakes make lovely going home gifts for your guests as they are leaving and are a good option if you wish to give those who were unable to attend a little something.

There are lots of different styles to choose from depending on the kind of display you want to achieve. Whether your event calls for from a small selection for a group of friends to an extensive array for a larger formal gathering.


If you don't want to make your own there is a growing number of cupcake suppliers who will provide you with almost any design you wish. Whether it be for a wedding, birthday, mothers day, Halloween or any other occasion you can be sure there will be a bakery who will meet your requirements. The humble cupcake has become big business!


cupcake stacker


Good Cook Cupcake Tiers

This is a great value-for- money cupcake stand. Being simple in design it allows the cupcakes to speak for themselves. Made from acrylic it is easy to clean. Holds 24 cupcakes.



Wilton Cupcake Stand


wilton cupcake stand


Wilton Cupcake Stand


Wilton make a very good range of cupcake stands. This is one of the stylish and very popular tiers made in the twisted wire style. The one pictured here is the smallest version which holds 12 cakes. Just right for getting a few friends together. There are also larger sizes of this Wilton cupcakes stand available which will hold up to 38 cupcakes which means that these are also great for larger gatherings including formal occasions. These are really popular because they are inexpensive and show your cupcakes off to best advantage.



large cupcake stand

Cupcake and Dessert Stand - Holds 38! by Wilton



Cupcake Tiers



cupcake tiers


This is a beautifully simple stand by Wilton which provides an ideal backdrop for decorated cupcakes. The stand is made from strong white plastic so is ideal for use at children's parties, christenings, baby showers etc.

The tiers are angled which means that they show off the cupcakes extremely well. Holds up to 36 standard sized cupcakes. Can be disassembled when not in use so easy to store. Size is approximately 12" by 12" by 16-1/4".



The Ultimate Wilton Cupcake Stand


wilton tall cupcake stacker


If you are looking for elegance then look no further than this Wilton tall six tier cake stand. With its lace effect edging this makes the most stunning centerpiece for any occasion including weddings.

The base cupcake platter measures 18 inches and is supported by six feet giving it excellent stability. The other plates measure 8,10,12,14 and 16 inches. This cupcake stand can be used as a smaller unit when required and is easy to assemble.

Reviews from purchasers say that this stand will hold 120 to 150 cupcakes depending on size.


Anchor Hocking Cupcake Tiers


Anchor Hocking cake stand

Anchor Hocking Presence Cupcake Tier


Anchor Hocking are of course well known for their gorgeous glassware including some outstanding cake stands. The three tier stand pictured above is not specifically meant to be for cupcakes but it can easily be used as such and it does a create a very stylish look. This stand looks great as a centerpiece and being glass it will co-ordinate with any style and color of tableware.

There are also lots of other attractive pieces in the Anchor Hocking range to go with your cupcake stand.

As each of the three platters can either be stacked or stand alone it can be used as one, two or three tiers or each tier can be used as a separate piece.


It is easy to see why the cupcake stand has become so popular. They are extremely versatile and look wonderful when filled with tempting goodies. The cupcakes themselves can be decorated in an endless variety of styles so that you are able to make your display unique.


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