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Cupcake Stands For Weddings - The Latest Trend


A new concept which is gaining rapidly in popularity is to have decorated cupcakes instead of the traditional large cakes at weddings. For as long as anyone can remember wedding cakes have been large heavy fruit cakes covered in white icing and set out in tiers. However these traditional cakes now have a serious rival as an increasing number of couples are deciding to have a wedding cupcake stand instead.


cupcake stands for weddings


The traditional white tiered wedding cake is undoubtedly beautiful and elegant and will always be very popular. However a display of smaller cakes on a wedding cupcake stand can also look amazing when properly done.


Choosing Cupcake Stands

There is no shortage of cupcake stands to choose from for your wedding. Whether your day is going to be something small and intimate or a large formal function you will have no problem finding something just right.

For the ultimate in elegance the Wilton tall cake stand pictured below is hard to beat. With six tiers this makes an outstanding display. The top tier can be used for a larger cake. This is a very popular cake stand and has attracted a lot of good reviews from buyers at Amazon.



wilton cupcake stand


The Advantages of Cupcake Stands For Weddings

There are some ways in which a display of cupcakes can be a better option than a traditional wedding cake, for example -

  • not everyone likes a heavy fruit cake but the majority of people do like cupcakes
  • you can make your cupcake display unique to you as there is almost limitless scope for your own designs and color schemes
  • its is easier for everyone to help themselves to the cupcake of their choice than to cut up a large cake and dish it out to people
  • you can have different colors and flavors to add variety
  • if you are having a significant number of children at your wedding cupcakes may be better as generally speaking children will be more likely to eat them than fruit cake


America Retold Wedding Cupcake Stand

cupcake stands for weddings


This is a really attractive set of three white enamel cake stands from America Retold. It is not specifically meant for weddings but it would be ideal for that purpose. You could put a large cake on top and cupcakes on the lower two tiers.

Each of the stands is four inches tall and the diameters of each are eight, ten and twelve inches. The stands can be used stacked or separately and the beauty of this set is that it can be used in your home for years after your wedding as it will suit any occasion.

Wilton cupcake stand



This is an excellent cupcake stand from the highly popular Wilton range. It is very simple to assemble and folds down for convenient storage. Holds 38 cupcakes and can be adapted to other uses such as holding party favors, fruit or flat cakes such as brownies. So this is another one which you could be using this one for many, many years after your big day.

If you are organising your wedding on a limited budget as is often the case then a wedding cupcake stand can be very economical. You could make the cupcakes yourself and buy an inexpensive cupcake stand to display them. Or maybe get a group of friends involved and have a theme for your display.


Cupcake Stands On A Budget

A cardboard cake stand may not look much, but once you have it covered in cupcakes it will look great! It is possible to get these for $10 or less. For these a local store may be a better bet than buying online as the shipping costs may make a hole in any savings made. However if you can get free shipping online then so much the better! Cupcake stands for weddings need not cost the earth.


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