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The Beauty Of A Glass Cake Stand

Arthur Court Grape glass cake stand with dome

Arthur Court Grape 14-Inch Covered Cake Tray with Glass Dome


A glass cake stand or cake tray makes a stunning centerpiece for your table and brings timeless, stylish elegance to your display. Whether you are looking for something traditional or ultra modern there will be plenty of designs to choose from.

This type of cake stand is available in a wide range of styles including domed, pedestal, plates, cake tray and three tier cake stands. Many are suitable for very special occasions including being used as a wedding cake stand. Manufacturers such as Luigi Bormioli and Arthur Court produce some excellent pieces.

It is possible to obtain a really nice glass stand for very little outlay. At the same time there are some stands which are the ultimate in elegance but are going to set you back quite a bit! For example, take a look at the Arthur Court cake dome shown at the top of the page. This is just gorgeous and so opulent in design. This would impress even the most picky mother-in-law!

This cake stand measures 14" and has a has a raised base with a clear glass dome. It is perfect for showing off a large cake or fancy dessert. This is part of a range so you can get matching items to start a collection and create a really stunning effect.

The base must be hand washed, as you might expect, but the top is actually dishwasher safe. Not sure I would risk it personally! This currently sells at around $195 at Amazon. Not the cheapest cake stand in the world but there is a lot of craftsmanship involved. You can check the current price through the link above as prices can fluctuate.


Glass Cake Dome

glass cake stand

Dublin Covered Glass Cake Dome


There is something very appealing about a glass cake dome. Perhaps its the nostalgia effect because they remind us of a time when the eating of cake was a far more formal ritual than it is today. The pleasures of afternoon tea should never be underestimated!


Luigi Bormioli Glass Cake Dome

Luigi Bormioli are makers of beautiful glassware including glass cake stands and cake domes. With this range you will never be short of matching items to complement your glassware collection.


Now this is one of my personal favorites, hence the fact that it appears on our home page.



Luigi Bormioli Glass cake pale with dome


Luigi Bormioli Glass Cake Stand


This cake dome has a sort of "olde worlde tea shoppe" look to it which appeals greatly to me. I look at it and I want cake. With a serviette and a silver fork please.


Arthur Court

Arthur Court designs are very distinctive. They are full of detail, style and outright opulence. The Arthur Court Grape is featured at the top of the page.


arthur court cake dome


Arthur Court Butterfly Cake Dome

This is the Arthur Court Butterfly glass cake dome. It measures 8 inches in diameter and stand 8 inches high.

Glass Cake Stand

If you want a glass cake stand or cake tray as opposed to a cake dome there is a huge range to choose between. A very inexpensive plain glass cake plate may suit your needs perfectly or you may be looking for something a little bit special which will cost rather more. Here are some examples.

glass cake plate

Tempered Glass Cake Plate


This glass cake plate is simplicity itself and will not distract attention form your cake. The base is padded which helps keep it stable. A great feature is that the stand revolves on ball bearings in the base. This is extremely handy when cutting and serving plus you can use it to make icing far easier.



glass cake plate

Glass Cake Plate


Again very simple and inexpensive yet attractive and functional. Its a good size too with a diameter of 12.5 inches.

Here is another example of a glass cake stand which won't stretch your budget.....



2 tier glass cake stand




I think this is fantastic value for money. It currently retails at Amazon for around $12! Very simple and stylish. It stands 9" high with a bottom plate of 10" diameter and the bottom plate 8".


And here is the other end of the scale....


America Retold Glass Cake Stand

America retold cake stands are something special and so we have given them a section on their own. Be warned - these things are quite expensive! However they are so unusual that they are worth the cost if you really want something to treasure.


america retold glass cake stands


It is hard to imagine anything more beautiful, cake stand wise, than these adjustable stands from America Retold. They have exquisite detailed etching on the glass cloches and the craftsmanship speaks for itself. The stands are made from antique nickel and are adjustable from 19 inches to 26 inches.



glass cake dome



Here is another example from this outstanding range. Minimalist design but maximum style. The stand is 6 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. The glass cloche is 8 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter.


cake tray



This highly unusual cake and pastry stand is perfect for formal entertaining. Like other item in the range it is crafted from antique nickel.

This cake stand is 5 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 9 inches deep so there is enough room to create something really eye catching.

If you want a glass cake stand then there are so many to choose from that you are bound to be able to find something you like. The problem will probably be that you want too many of them.


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