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Pedestal Cake Stand



A beautiful stand will always enhance any display of cakes but there is something particularly elegant about a pedestal. There are so many different types available from an elegant formal crystal cake stand for a wedding cake to an acrylic pedestal for a single cupcake or maybe the informal styling of the Rosanna Red Dots range. One of the most popular remains the plain white version.


wilton cake stand

There is a timeless appeal about this type of cake stand whether it is seen in a tea shop, in a fancy restaurant or in your own home. If you want to create a really eye catching display on your table one of these will certainly help you to achieve this. 

You can easily get hold of a pedestal in just about every design you could think of. From simple and understated to outright zany and everything in between. Here are a few examples.


White Pedestal Cake Stand

A white pedestal is possibly the simplest but at the same time the most elegant in an understated way. This type of design is ideal for displaying a colorful or intricately decorated cake as it does not distract attention from it. If you simply cannot choose what to get then plain white is something you cannot go wrong with and you will not need to worry about matching it with existing tableware.

white pedestal cake stand


This is a beautiful example of the classic white pedestal. It is part of the Rosanna White collection of pedestal cake stands which are available in three sizes - 9", 10" and 12".

This is the ultimate all purpose pedestal stand as it will display anything from large cakes to cupcakes or a torte beautifully. The low base is tapered and fluted whilst the rim is in a petal style.

This stand is made from stoneware making it durable as well as attractive. Although it can be washed in the dishwasher it recommended to wash by hand.


set of three white pedestal



Now this is definitely not an everyday cake plate! This is a set of three pedestal stands in the following sizes -

  • largest is of 11" diameter and stands 10.75" tall
  • medium is 9.5" in diameter and stands 8.5" tall
  • the smallest is 8" in diameter and stands 5.75" tall

The frames are crafted from white metal with clear glass inserts and lovely drop dangle accents. These cake plates are perfect for special occasions and a number of people have purchased them for weddings.



mirror cake stand



Another pedestal cake stand which quite definitely qualifies as elegant. Ideal for one large cake or a number of cupcakes. The mirror effect does work especially well with smaller cakes and colored paper cases.

The base and rim are silver plated. Height 4.5" and diameter 12". This is a very eye catching stand which would not look at all out of place as a wedding cake stand.



Crystal Pedestal Cake Stand

rogoska crystal cake stand

If you are looking for the last word inelegance then a crystal cake stand is hard to beat. There is something almost mesmerizing about beautiful crystal and the way the light catches it. The pedestal pictured above is from the Rogaska Crystal range. The stand measures 12 inches in diameter and sits on a 4 inch flared base. As this piece is made from full-lead crystal it should be hand washed only.


Rogaska Crystal Cake Stands

Crystal cake stand


Now this is something just a little bit special. This is by Miller Rogaska Crystal which is a Reed and Barton Company.

This exquisitely designed 13" crystal pedestal has a spiral sculpted stem and elegant platinum banding and stands 6.25 inches high. This piece brings its own timeless elegance to your table.

This crystal pedestal stand is part of a range of beautiful pieces by Miller Rogaska.


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