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Wedding Cake Stands


wedding cake stands


At a wedding the main function of the cake stands is to elevate the cakes and show them off to their best effect. This true whether you opt for a traditional tiered cake or cupcake stands - for weddings the cake has to be the center of attention, at least as far as the table is concerned. When it comes to impressing your guests there is no cake that you could possible want to show off more than your wedding cake.

So the cake stand used for a wedding cake needs to be pretty special, to match the cake itself. Now, it is possible, if you’re having a wedding on a somewhat tight budget, to have a do-it-yourself option. These can be made of tiered round boxes, covered in foil. Each layer could be ringed with suitably decorated cupcakes, and the top tier surmounted by a cake you keep to have one year after the wedding. There are lots of ways you could decorate your own stand.

However the majority of couples will want to have a cake, and a cake stand, along more traditional lines. One thing you need to remember is that a multi-tier wedding cake is a very heavy item, and the stand needs to be sturdy enough to support the cake adequately. This is not a time for cheapness – a collapse of the cake stand at the wedding reception would be highly embarrassing!

One choice you need to make is whether to rent a stand, or buy one. Renting has obvious advantages unless you plan on a lot of weddings! But it will restrict your choice in many cases, when there are now so many available to buy at reasonable prices. A lot of couples like to keep their cake stand both as a keepsake from their special day and to bring out for use on special occasions afterwards. If you are following the tradition of keeping the top tier of your wedding cake to use as a Christening cake then it would be nice to have the same stand too.


Wilton Wedding Cake Stands

wilton wedding cakes standscake stands



Most traditional wedding cake stands are made in either two or three tiers. It is possible to get cake stands to accommodate up to seven tiers, now that is an awful lot of cake! The traditional material for this type of stand has in the past been metal but nowadays it is more usually chrome plated steel which resembles silver (silver itself is not strong enough for most wedding cakes).

Wilton cake stands are a good choice as they are both beautiful, as you can see from the example shown above, and affordable. Wilton cake stands are very popular and they have quite an extensive range to suit any occasion.

Many designs have the tiers joined by ‘C’ shaped loops of metal, but if you search online you can find other designs, for instance those incorporating an elegant spiral of metal between each tier. Some two tier stands display the smaller cake on a tilt away from the larger one, so that the design of both can be seen more clearly. All metal stands usually incorporate a bracket to hold flower displays.

Floating Wedding Cake Stands


wilton floating cake stand


Many people love the effect of a floating cake stand such as the one pictured above and also at the top of this page. The Wilton Floating Tiers wedding cake stand is very simple and elegant in design. It offers a traditional style but with a contemporary look. The clean and uncluttered design allows to choose whether to go for the elegantly understated effect or to add your own individual decorations to make a truly unique display.




Traditional Silver Wedding Cake Stands


silver wedding cae stand


This is a beautiful example of the traditional silver wedding cake stand. It is suitable for a single large wedding cake. You can opt for a simple design like this one which is perfect if your cake is going to be quite fancy. Alternatively a more ornate solver stand loos good with a simpler cake. either way the silver wedding cake stand is timeless in its appeal.



Newer Types Of Wedding Cake Stands

wilton party cake stand

More and more now, acrylic plastic is becoming fashionable as a material for weddings, and is available in designs of anything up to seven tiers. It has particularly come into its own as the fashion grows to have cupcake stands for weddings rather than slice up several large cakes. This is an inexpensive option yet it can look extremely eye-catching. As the stand itself is relatively plain and simple it can be decorated in any way you may choose to co-ordinate with your display.


Cupcake Stands For Weddings

A tall and beautifully decorated wedding cupcake stand can make a truly stunning centerpiece and gives couples limitless scope for creating something completely individual to themselves. The wedding cupcake stand option is becoming very popular. Here is an example of what can be achieved starting with a fairly basic acrylic cupcake stand.

cupcake stands for weddings


At the current time there is an increasing fashion for a tall, elegant display of cakes and one way some couples are achieving this is to abandon the traditional type of stands and instead use cascade stands. These are a set of four separate stands, usually acrylic and of varying heights which each support a cake and have fittings for flowers, which are arranged in a lazy ‘S’ curve, so that the flowers and cakes seem to resemble a tumbling cascade.

In the Southern states, groom cakes are still popular and if a couple chooses to have one of these then it would usually be displayed on a single pedestal cake stand alongside the main cakes.

Wilton wedding cake stands have become apopular choice with may couples as they are stylish and great value for money, especially as they can be used again and again after the wedding.


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